Thursday, 4 July 2013

Warming Up Your Smile

I don't know about you, but I hate having my photo taken. Why is it that as soon as someone gets a camera out I seem to turn into a hideous ogre, whether it be a weird squint or an horrible double chin situation , the camera by no means loves me.
However after asking round the office I am not alone in this, and almost everyone has the same fear of the camera lens. The questions is do you?

This is on a good day! :(

One of my brides did a practice run, and definitely got into the swing of it, warming up her smile for the big day.

The thing is, are you ready to basically be stalked all day by a stranger, on the most important day of you life, would it not be nicer to know them? Sharing romantic moments, trusting them with your keepsakes for the future, & making sure the double chin monster doesn't raise it's ugly head?
If you share the same kind of nerves that I have, then my next series of tips might just calm them.

Tip 1: Friendly
When you are choosing your photographer it is really important that not only are their pics good, but that you get on with them. It is so important in my mind that you create a good relationship before the wedding, and are able to relax. A relaxed bride and groom create stunning photo's, when they almost don't even know the photographer is there!

Tip 2: Engagement Shoot
The best way in my mind to get to know your photog is an engagement shoot, this may seem like an added cost and luxury, but trust me, you will never regret it. You have a chance to get to know your photographer and more importantly they get to know you. They will start to understand what makes you tick and what gets the best results with the smallest amount of direction. This will result in much better wedding pics and a nicer experience for you.

Tip 3: Relax (Easier said than done, I know)
It also gives you a chance to practice being a celeb for the day, having the paparazzi around can be disconcerting, and you want to be able to switch off from it and relax and have fun together. If you are able to do this, your pics will be amazing, and your photographer will be able to catch true moments for you to look back on. Try slowly breathing out for each shot, your body tends to automatically relax.

Tip 4: Location
Pick somewhere familiar to you for the engagement shoot, somewhere that can sum up both of your characters, or somewhere you both spend a lot of time. You will feel more comfortable on your own turf, and this will show through in the pics. It is also a nice gallery to keep & look back on your younger selves in the future, & what you were up to before you took the big step together,

Tip 4: Have Fun!
Enjoy yourselves, don't take it all too seriously, happiness shines through much better than a strained smile. The amount of articles that are out there that tell you how to smile, how to angle your head, how to stand, if you buy to much into this & over-think it, you will have some weird looking shots!!
Half awkward model / Half awkward bride!
Just be yourself and any good photographer should handle the rest for you. Just enjoy each others company and have a giggle about the whole thing.

Tip 5: No Worries!
Once you have the engagement shoot done, you will feel so much more relaxed about this aspect of your day. You will of seen the great pics your photographer can take of you, and have a little taste of having your photo taken all day, giving you more confidence. So you can look forward to the big day with one less worry,  and lets face it, the less a bride has to worry about the better.

Now I don't claim to be a photographer, I have just seen a lot of nervous brides & grooms.  I believe anything you can do to relieve some of that stress on the day is a only a good thing. Most photographers can build this into your package for you, so ask the question, and warm up that smile!

I would just like to finish by thanking Pam & George for letting me use these amazing pics. What a truly inspiring couple they make, a true, real life, fairy tale in action. Watch this space for their wedding later this year!

Happy Planning!

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