Thursday, 17 October 2013

Real Wedding: Vintage Barn Wedding With A Rustic Vibe

"George and I are both so grateful to theme-works weddings for making our special day an even more beautiful and memorable experience. The professionalism and support shown by both Philippa and her team made the wedding theming process an enjoyable and fulfilling journey, to take a vision from us and then make it come to life like they did with such enthusiasm really was incredible - it was better than I ever could have imagined. "

.... The are the words of one of the most wonderful couples I have ever worked with. You may have seen this bride mentioned a couple of times on our blog, and this was the final result. It's almost sad when a journey with one of our brides come to an end, but what a day to remember this was!

Starting from scratch
Pam came to us with her venue already booked, and she wanted to use her venue as inspiration to create a magical wedding theme. When Pam and I sat down I soon realised that our bespoke option was best for her, we looked through our packages and nothing really fit her vision. So after a site visit we settled on our plan of action for Pam’s big day.

With Pam’s wedding I really wanted to capture her personality. She used to work in the theatre so I wanted to add an air of the dramatic, she also is an avid reader and collector of romantic literature anything from Shelley’s poetry or the scripts of Shakespeare. She also has a love of all things vintage so this was an obvious choice for a theme. 
Pam’s venue was set in grounds of a beautiful old boarding school, with glorious grounds, the ceremony and reception was to take place in a stunning old barn with the added extra bonus of many garden areas to take advantage of. With all this in mind we settled on a main vintage barn theme.

Poetry & Plays

For centre pieces I decided to use vintage style crockery, filled with flowers, each centre piece was to be its own scene. Laid upon a hessian runner, with tree trunk slice base, the crockery was laid under and around a vintage style bell jar. I wanted to tie in vintage books, so Pam and I went on a hunt through boot sales to collect up a lovely collection of poetry & plays each book carefully chosen. We then creating table numbers out of the books adding to the personality of the theme.
There were some very un-sightly carpeted basis to glorious wooden beams holding up the barn, and Pam was keen to cover them up it some way. So I decided to try and blend them into the vintage barn environment, I settled on using hessian wrapped round the outside of the base, and covering the top with green moss. 
The entrance of the barn was huge, it had arched beams and stone steps leading up into the barn, so we designed huge white draped curtains reaching from top to bottom to soften the entrance but also create that dramatic feel. 

Flora & Fauna

The flowers were designed to be soft and simple, with the main flower being baby’s breath and the scent of rosemary and eucalyptus in the air. The bride’s bouquet was elegant with soft roses and vintage touches with the adorable flower girl carrying an orb of baby’s breath on a length of sage green satin ribbon. 
We set about creating various chill out areas in the garden and grounds, such as fountains, seating areas, and giant games of chess and croquet. Pam & George were a huge influence on the design of the wedding, George’s grounded nature, and Pam’s love of the theatrical. 

Happily Ever After

The overall effect was wonderful, a really intimate feel with the happy couple marrying in front of the candle lit fire place, with hand carved ring box made out of a copy of Jane Austin’s Emma, a gift from George to Pam years ago recycled to be part of their day.  

Pam was stunning in vintage lace and the happy couple enjoyed the day in a haze of French champagne and Scottish traditions. I haven’t seen a happier couple in long while!

Supporting cast 

Special thanks to....
The Brighton Flower Company
Jeff Carrigan Wedding Photography

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