Thursday, 18 April 2013

A Modern Vintage Love Affair

The love affair the bridal industry is having with vintage is in full swing, ever popular and chic I’m sure it is something many of you brides are considering. However you don’t have to necessarily step back in time through that vintage portal to channel this ever fashionable theme. One way to re-vamp this theme is to take a modern stance to vintage, embracing the new with the old. If you think carefully, this is what marriage is all about, looking to a new future due to a romantic & cherished past.

Couples wedding bands

The modern vintage bride doesn't necessarily trawl through all the flea markets and antique shops, covering herself in dust and cobwebs! She looks for a modern twist, and the products are flooding the market. It’s about keeping to light pastel colours and accenting it with metallics, or Black, creating a lovely bold statement. Using regal patterns, and scalloped edging to fabrics and your styling will enhance the vintage feel.

Table design

When it comes to styling the venue, when setting the scene, the most popular mind set is to take the inside outside, and bring the outside in! This sounds bizarre but it works beautifully, so along with your modern colour palette look at ways to include the natural elements all around you, in a subtle and utterly romantic way.
For the outside area’s look at using the ever present shabby chic items in the retail world as accessories, a chandelier, or perhaps some oversized antique styled picture frames. You can hang these from trees or use them for photo opportunities. It also works really well on a patio with a covered area such as trellising or beams, giving a seamless feel from the inside style through to the outside.
To bring the outside in, take the view that kooky is okay, for the modern twist this is in subtle amounts. Try using moss within your centrepieces or even grass. It gives the table a fresh yet surreal feel which adds to the magic of the vintage theme. The key with the modern twist to this, is keeping it clean, and simple, with as little flourish as possible. Allowing your styling ideas to speak for themselves. 

Bringing the inside out and outside in

When it comes to aisle design keep the lines clean and the pastels flowing, but with those bold streaks of your chosen accent. Choose an aisle runner that really fits in with your theme and colour way, don’t be afraid to venture out from the norm. I think with this theme it is nice to bring in some foliage, so think about lining the aisle with potted trees. The ends of the rows of seating for your guests is often forgotten, and this can be such a simple yet effective area to style. Think of posies with lace ribbon, or perhaps little floral balls hanging from the chairs. Candle light is very important with any romantic setting, even during the day they can add the atmosphere of intimacy, so always think of ways to include this during the heart of your day.

Aisle decoration

One handy tip is to collate all the things you love about vintage, and all the aspects you want to include in your day. Once you have everything together, match up things that sit well together, and colour palette’s that suit each other. Once you have a well put together amalgamation then try not to add to much extra, keep it simple and work with your favourite, rather than all your ideas! This will give the vintage style that clean and fresh image that brings the modern twist to life.
To sum up, this is just one more angle to planning a vintage wedding, and I love this modern spin on an already stunning styling plan.
Well, that’s my thoughts on that, happy theming everyone! Please don’t hesitate to contact me for your very own bespoke wedding creation!

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