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Theme-Works Weddings low down on V.I.N.T.A.G.E

Weddings can be so daunting. What to do? Where to start? Here at Theme-works Weddings we thought it may help to put together a little A to Z of how to do the Vintage theme, or in our terms we call it the V to E of Vintage. Hopefully this will iron out some of the few key areas you will need to consider and how best to approach it when writing out your "to do lists".

V: is for veil. One of the most exciting moments of a brides day is when her veil is lifted and the most important moment of her life is revealed. However, the twist on this is not just to use the idea of a veil in your attire but to use it in your d├ęcor and theming. It is common practice in many events to use a big reveal to uncover another area of the event space. If your wedding day is not the biggest event of your life then I don't know what is! Use a veil to separate one area from another this will cause excitement and suspense for your guests and give everyone something to look forward to. For example you could have your wedding breakfast in one area and then reveal another space for the evenings reception. This could be themed in an entirely different way to create a different atmosphere, like a starry lit dance floor with vintage sweet carts and entertainment of an old swing band. This could easily be achieved at your wedding by using a big piece of material, the veil and allowing it to fall and uncover the next part of the day.

I:  is for invitation. An invitation is the first sign people get of what your wedding will be like. There are so many options out there this can be confusing. You can either buy them pre made, design your own and get them printed, or even go down the craft route and make your own. A good idea is devising a combination of these ideas, for those of us who do not have the time to dedicate our lives to all the intricacies that a wedding seems to provide. To enhance the idea of your vintage theme a nice option is to buy a beautifully simple invitation and add a vintage feel to this, like a bit of vintage lace wrapped round or tied into a bow. It is so personal and your guests will understand your efforts to try and give your day its own personal touch. All of these additional extras really make your day stand out from other weddings that you go to or have been too. The more times you use these accents of lace around the venue the more fluid your theme will be. Look to add this to your table centres such as hanging lace ribbons or tying a bow round your vase.

Lace touches to your Vintage theme

N: is for name tags. Every table needs a name tag, it is so personal and a great way to enhance your vintage theme. Where traditionally a table plan would consist of names on a board, for a vintage barn wedding we're theming this summer, we've suggested hanging keys from a tree. More simply, you could use a vintage frame to carry your theme through. Tie a label with your guests name on it and the table they will be sitting at. This creates fun as it becomes a game to find your key. To keep continuity you could use some lace instead of string, similar to the previous example used for invitations. For the vintage barn wedding mentioned above we are taking the idea of a game further and having an old vintage cabinet with a prize in it. This will get every guest involved as everyone will have to see if their key fits. A great ice breaker for those guests who have come from further afield to get to know everyone there.

Wedding Keys

T: is for theme. The vintage theme has been around for a while and I'm not afraid to say it is here to stay. What is the vintage era, well here at theme works weddings we have decided that it runs from the 1920's to the 1950's, each decade has a slightly different twist on the vintage look. From delicate lace to slightly heavier darker wood each works within its own right and this is the topic for the next couple of months so look out for our other blogs on which decade of vintage will catch your eye. Bear in mind to always try and have some continuity in your theme and not to cover too many different styles at once. Simplicity speaks wonders. Last week's blog covers a modern take on Vintage, as we can appreciate some Brides want the look without having to hunt for the accessories.  

A: is for aisle. Such a proud moment when the bride walks down the aisle! Why not incorporate this into your theme as much as all the other elements of your day? It is so nice to see all of those individual touches that make your big day so special. A really nice idea is to use little jam jars filled with a few simple sprigs of wild flowers. Tie the jar with some lace for an added vintage touch. Alternatively you could use old photo frames hung from the aisle side seat, filled with old black and white family photos so that you will feel like a bit of history is with you on your big day. Make a big thing of the alter and hang lots of white draping. Alternatively, use an arch way intertwined with lots of flowers to create the wow factor!

Wedding Jars with flowers and candles

G: is for guest book. It is such a nice memory to go back after your wedding day and look over all of the beautiful comments that people have left about your big day. Make a feature of your guestbook and all of your guests will know exactly where to go. One of our brides has used a vintage French dresser with draws containing beautiful flowers. On the dresser is a guest book placed by pictures of all of her old family wedding pictures in vintage frames. A beautifully personal touch that speaks louder than words.

Personalised French dresser

E: is for entrance. Every bride and groom likes to make a big entrance. A really nice way to achieve this in the vintage theme is to use a love seat. This is an arch way with two facing seats either side. You could make your arch into a tunnel to make everyone feel like they are walking through a traditional country garden or use it like a trellis and weave flowers and lights in and out for that special wow factor.

Wedding Rose arch

This is our V to E of Vintage, covering many of the steps to achieve your big day. We hope that it helps to drive your inspiration and illuminate some of the key points when using the vintage theme. Here at Theme-WorksWeddings we are always excited to turn your theming dreams into a reality so get in contact to discuss how we can help.

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