Friday, 24 May 2013

A Vintage bride

It felt like the sun was only just rising as my new bride arrived for the early morning interview today I was delighted to see how relaxed she was about this interview, and we settled in for what is basically a good old girlie gossip about getting married!
I thought I would start off by asking how Pam met her fiancĂ© and as I knew it would be, it’s a hilarious story! Now of course I have got to know Pam & George fairly well while helping them design their wedding decor and both are incredibly funny & light hearted. Pam & I hit it off from the start, so we feel more like old friends now and I was looking forward to hearing about the start of their little love story.

Pam & George met at a crazy festival in Serbia and what better place for a festival than in a historic fortress in that well known holiday destination Novi Sad!  Now whether this was fate or just pure luck while Pam was “breaking out some bad ass moves” to some “epic tunes” she and George bumped into each other finding an instant connection! However Pam being the independent lady she is decided that she wasn’t going to rush head long into anything. So she took herself home and went back to sensible Pam, that was until George being the dashing gent he is, drove hundreds of miles to the theatre she worked in, and pretty much blew her socks off! And the rest is history as they say.
So my fave question to ask newly engaged couples is how they got engaged, and just like their meet cute, it is a brill tale! They were on holiday in Sardinia exploring the Italian country side, Pam was pretty grumpy  wandering around in the blazing sun, & George was “very strange”  mulling over the coming all important question. So they are sitting looking at the stunning views at a vantage view point, and George is attempting awkwardly to lie down . He started with “so we’re really good together aren’t we” ,Pam not understanding the strange behaviour or reading any of the signs, like the romantic walk, or breathtaking views, replied with “Well that’s a given really”.
Brave brave George however continued to arrange himself on one knee for his question and Pam was completely taken by surprise. In her shock and excitement the special moment became a blur and she completely forgot to answer, until gently reminded by George. Pam’s excuse for this is she thought she was saying yes but in fact nothing was coming out at all! (Unusual for Pam) Of course the answer was yes, and all the parents were called, and the wine was drunk, while sunning themselves.

Pam’s ring while we were chatting was sparkling away, and when asked she says there is something really official about being given a piece of jewellery to mark such a momentous question. She proudly gazes at it, telling me how much George researched and learned about diamonds before settling on the perfectly cut single solitaire on a simple white gold band.
On starting the planning process Pam was really excited to get started, however like lots of brides the pressure hit home after trying to jump the first hurdle. Pam decided to choose her venue first which she saw as her biggest challenge, and searched through the south east country side seeing so many venues with George in tow until settling on the perfect setting. A stunning converted barn, set in the grounds of a beautiful period mansion , nestled into stunning gardens with hidden enchanted oasis and a mellow stream framed by romantic willow trees. It is in every way completely heart warming and romantic. She did however have to confirm everything with her best galpal of course “just to make sure!”

On deciding to attach a theme to her wedding plans she explained that a traditional wedding was never really on the cards just due to Pam & George’s personality. Nothing about this couple says traditional whether it be the occasional cheeky rave they like to rock up to, or Pam’s love of break dancing, so a theme was an easy choice. Pam & George decided to use Pam’s theatre background as inspiration and go for a Midsummer night’s dream feel, with vintage festival thrown in as a nod to their love of music.  Pam really wanted the wedding to be an expression of them as a couple, and portray what their personalities are like, and really reflect that for their guests to enjoy and for them to look back on. She didn’t really feel a traditional wedding could do this, and so I suppose this is when I step in!
Pam & George were expecting the design process a lot more tricky than it actually is. Upon asking Pam if she was nervous about her theme, she replied with confidence that she has no worries. George has needed lots of visual aids to envisage the theme, while Pam has the most amazing imagination and has really been swept along with me as we put this magical theme together. With George all the scene setting & decor has to have a reason & a propose. With Pam as long as it is in keeping with her theme, her mind is as open as I could possibly hope for, making this one of my absolute fave weddings to design.

To conclude our interview I thought I would ask some really easy simple questions to round things off,
What are you most looking forward to about your wedding aside from marrying the lovely George of course!
“Friends and family all in one place, we have guests coming from all over the world, and it is just so exiting & the nicest thing in the world to know they would make that journey for us”
 Is there anything you are nervous about?
“Walking down the aisle early to find myself awkwardly standing at the end as the music crescendos and nothing is happening! The moment we first see each other on our wedding day is really important to me. Also my hair not doing what it’s supposed too!”
What are you most looking forward to about being married?
Quick as a flash Pam sais “The honeymoon!” I have a very cheeky bride on my hands here, but they are jetting off to Hawaii so I totally don’t blame her on this one, I’m green with envy!
Is there anything you are nervous about being married?
“People always tell you that you will feel different, but I will have to give you the answer to that later. I am really nervous about changing my name, as I reckon after 30 years of the same name it will be tricky taking a new one”
We then proceeded in a very mature fashion of course, to practice writing her new name for a her signature, which she confessed she has been doing long before she was engaged!!!

I get terribly caught up in each wedding I work with, each wedding I fall hopelessly in love with the theme, meaning I never have a fave, it is all about the couple. When you enjoy what you do, and you get to hang out with cool people like these two, what more can one ask for?

Happy Planning  x

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