Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Once Illusive Gay Wedding

Introducing Leni Donnelly

This blog is written by one of our event interns, Leni. She gives us a view into the current topic of gay weddings which - despite the element of mystery it holds - are not so different from any other wedding. Leni writes about her friends' big day full of magical surprises, happy tears, and, as Leni's picture reveals to us, a couple of tequilas!

"The words ‘I’m going to my first gay wedding this year’ are about to be uttered a whole lot more now that the UK Government have dragged themselves into the modern century and realised that a gay marriage is actually OK.

But a gay wedding still holds an element of mystery and intrigue for some people. I’m not sure that I can be considered anywhere close to an authority on this matter, having only been to one in my life, but I will go on record now as saying this...there is no difference! Family, friends and loved ones gather in a special place to witness promises between two people in love. Isn’t that what a wedding is all about? It’s purely a celebration of love?

Although I have mentioned the politics already I do not want this in any way, shape or form to become a political monologue about a gay marriage. However, I do want to try to help dispel any misconceptions, apprehension, or myths that surround the illusive gay wedding the only way I know how. Sharing my experiences; yes, sharing is caring!

The memorable event I allude to, took place on a balmy September day in Hull. Now I’ll stop you there, ‘Hull?’ I hear you protest, Yes, Hull everyone. Weddings take place there too, and yes it can be beautiful. Having lived in this little northern city for over seven years, I feel the need to defend it from sometimes unfair bad press. OK, it’s not Venice, but it has a lot of charm I tell you. You just have to search a little bit harder to find it that’s all.

Anyhow I digress...apologies.

So like I said; it was September. The couple in question were my long term friends Rachel and Emma who had been together seven years at this point, and planning their big day for almost two of those years. Rachel had been the one to propose. She was not the manlier or the ‘butch’ in the relationship as I know some people presume there must be. She just always knew that she would be the one to propose, because she wanted that honour.

I asked her afterwards; why then? She gave me this look as if to say ‘it was the perfect place you fool! It was a sunset on a secluded beach paradise in Thailand’. Yes I am aware that does make me sound foolish, but that wasn’t really what I was asking. I just wondered why at that point in their relationship she decided to do it. The simple answer was ‘I couldn’t wait any longer to make her my wife’. Words I’m have been uttered by many a person who is ready to take on that commitment, male or female.

So the day finally comes around and this is all we have been talking about for what seems like forever. I felt like I was the one getting married and the excitement was tangible. I got to know all the little surprises they had planned for each other. Like the cream VW combi that Rachel had paid for Emma to arrive in and the surprise honeymoon back to that proposal spot that Emma had so meticulously arranged for Rachel. So many magical secrets were kept in the run up to that day!

Then we’re in this beautiful hotel, Emma is gliding down the aisle towards her future wife, in a sleeveless,  off white, unbelievable gown . Rachel is standing next to her ‘best men’ all decked in a half tux, half hipster get up, looking just the coolest I think I have ever seen anyone look. They are both in tears, and as I glance around through blurry eyes, I see everyone is in tears, including me!

The rest of the day was just as I described, what I deem any wedding should be, a celebration! It was a mash up of both of their personalities exploded into a traditional & untraditional event, their perfect day.

There were no roles that I could see that differed from any other wedding I had been too, (apart from the overly tearful best friend, that just couldn't seem to stop telling the happy couple how amazing it all was) I’ll let you decide who you think may have played that part...

There were no awkward moments by any of the guests young or old, in deciding who they thought was the "bride". All everyone saw that day was two people in love saying ‘I do’...magical!

So I put it to you now. Is a gay marriage really that illusive? I must admit that I was wrong (It does happens you know!)
The difference about "The gay wedding" is...well every wedding is different! You may have been to fifty weddings or none at all, but you will see that no two are the same. So my advice is the same as it would be if you were going to any wedding...

Just enjoy it!!!! ...What? I said advice, not rocket science!"

A big thank you to Leni for giving us glimpse into this lovely wedding. Nothing is better than seeing a happy couple in love enjoying their big day. I really love the VW camper and the rainbow flag, very retro and unique!

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